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Made with Love

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  • 1918

    Giarola Marsala is created, fruit of passion and love for treasured wines and precious natural substances.

  • October 1919

    The business company with the first deposit for Alcohol and Drinks was established on October the 3rd with production of OVO Marsala.

  • 1923 - 1932

    From OVO Marsala we created Gran Cremovo Etichetta Nera (Black Label), establishes its fame and successfully partecipates in trade fairs winning 4 gold metals.

  • 1945

    After the end of the second world war, production re-flourishes and grows with Vermouths and a series of bitters, among which the prestigious Monte Penice Bitters.

  • 1950

    The company passes into the hands of the sons, Arrigo and Gastone, and expands to include importation of Ports, Rums, Whiskies and Cognacs. Giarola is one of the first certificated companies to adopt the use of stainless steel drums.

  • 1960 - 1970

    Production capacity increases with a range of over 100 products to accompany traditional ones, achieving an average daily production of thirteen thousand bottles of Liqueurs, Acquavites, Fruits in Alcohol and Syrup.


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Since 1918, with Love and Passion. Drink Giarola responsibly.